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    Greetings, Ant Lovers/AC Family! Just uploading this video to let everyone know that we are offering an amazing deal on ant farms at so you can keep ants along with me and experience all the ant keeping joys IRL! We ship worldwide, guys, but remember that if you're outside USA, you need to order before Dec 10th if you would like to receive your package before Christmas! Ant love forever! Question: Which is your favourite: The ac Ant Tower or the ac Hybrid Nest?

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    David Corcoran

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    i have like 50 colenys of black ants i think lol (my yard is realy sandy)

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    Cannot someone help me

  • Srinivas Aladarthi

    Srinivas Aladarthi

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    Cannot someone help me

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    Pls pls. Pls. Pls. Pls

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    Don't buy from antscanada they rip you off with the shipping prices. You will have to place several orders. I asked if I had to buy plugs to keep the ants from escaping as I watched unboxing videos and they didn't come with plugs. He told me in youtube comments i was wrong and it all comes with plugs. The plugs are only sold on the website incase you lose them. That's was a lie according to the emails from the website when I got my stuff no plugs.

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    I sad I in us so I can’t buy a queen

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    that became sekxy real quick

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    ta dobre no musim povedať že je to zábavné ale čo tim chceš povedať

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    Oh wow, very cool. I have billions in my yard, brown grease ants, red ants, and fire ants. A huge mound always around with eggs ...I try to avoid digging them up, but I garden, and sometimes I do..maybe I will look for a queen... I feed the brown ones , Lol...they enjoy cat food, and lunch meat.

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    I want this but don’t have the money for it, I will start saving up

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    I'm disapoi ted I couldn't get the ebook because there was no promo code option to type in. I even tried coupons and it wasn't accepted.

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  • BugTown Discord
    BugTown DiscordVor 5 Monate

    Join Bugtown at ! It's a new invertebrate server. I hope to see it grow and expand soon! See you all there!

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    I just newly turned 13, is it still possible for me to get one? 🥺

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    Oh my God January 21 is my birthday

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    Lanlt Ant love 2020

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    My mum would kill me if I kept insects as a pet 😂

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  • Andrew Trueblood
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    Send me freebies please

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    Wait so the ultimate ant handbook code is only available on and towers and hybrid nests?

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    I wanna get these for many reasons and one of them is to keep my brother out of my room

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    I missed out on the hybrid nest mini :( I had to get a big one instead, I wanted to start small but here goes nothing!

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    The mini nest is out of stock 😢

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    KillcastVor 6 Monate

    Guys, ants aren’t beginner pets and certainly not for kids. If you want ants I HIGHLY suggest they not be ur first pet invertebrates. Other fast breeding invertebrates like some species of isopods and roaches would be a good first invertebrate. Ants are EXTREMELY difficult

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    You should make a baby Yoda shrine for your ants

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    S"ant"a Claus

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    I was more so thinking of threatening to feed my family to fire ants but this method also works.

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    When are the hybrid minis coming back in stock? I've wanted to get one for a while now, but they're out of stock!!!

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    Btw can you use the promo code?

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    In your shop. Is it canadian or american dollars?

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    Darwan Mustafa

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    @AntsCanada thank you for the reply, I love your videos❤️

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    The prices listed are in USD.

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    Ho ho ho, merry Christmas ant keepers!!!!!

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    my favorite ant channel

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    MinigunL5Vor 6 Monate

    I keep ants and I think that they're amazing pets. If anyone wants to start and there are some Discord servers that are great for getting info on ant-keeping. I will link them in this comment. If you are struggling to convince your family to let you keep ants then you should definitely join. They can also teach you about ants and then you can convince your family/friends better. Ants & Ants-Keeping:​ Ant-Keeping &Ethology:

  • MinigunL5
    MinigunL5Vor 6 Monate

    Guys, do not buy AC nests for small colonies under 250 workers(mold problems will arise and they will be stressed from too much space). If they do not fill up at least 5/8 of the nest then the nest is too big. Instead, buy some test tubes(either glass or plastic) from Amazon or eBay (or any other online shop). The best sizes are a length of 150mm and a width from 16-20mm. Btw AC test tubes are very overpriced get normal ones. For an outworld, you can use a plastic container with an ant barrier(like fluon or baby powder that contains talcum powder) and a tight lid. Also 90% of the time GAN is super overpriced.

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    I have a weaver ant colony living in my plant pot. I water it everyday with a water gun.

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    Hey! I'm Finally uploading a video of my 4 foot Formicarium build ready for my Myrmica Ruginodis colony. Any feedback/advice would be MASSIVELY appreciated! Thanks man Much Love!

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    @AntsCanada Please reach out to me in trying to sort this out the book is a Christmas present for my little girl

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    Love watching your channel. I don't keep ants but would like to try maybe next spring. I was curious about you using red film so you could see the ants ithout disturbing them as much. But I never see you use it on test tube set ups. Would it be a better way to observe the queen during that time of her early life? Is it something you've thought about?

  • AntsCanada


    Vor 6 Monate

    Yes, red film also works on test tube setups and I sometimes use it. ❤

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    Ever since I've been watching you every time I see a ant pile I think of you and I don't step on them because I think of you and how they are so small but so mighty and we are so big but so weak so why mess with them

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