I Filmed Ants Going to War

I was at the right place at the right time! This week, in my backyard, I walked right into a massive ant war between two ant colonies. The determined ants were fighting over something quite surprising, but what was most surprising was what two ant colonies were warring with each other! Hope you guys enjoy this week's episode! Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution.

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Directed/Written by AntsCanada
Executive Producer RJ Garcia
DOP/Editing by Heinrich Domingo

Attribution for photo of Monitor Lizard:
Brown R, Siler C, Oliveros C, Welton L, Rock A, Swab J, Van Weerd M, van Beijnen J, Rodriguez D, Jose E, Diesmos A - Brown R, Siler C, Oliveros C, Welton L, Rock A, Swab J, Van Weerd M, van Beijnen J, Rodriguez D, Jose E, Diesmos A (2013). "The amphibians and reptiles of Luzon Island, Philippines, VIII: The herpetofauna of Cagayan and Isabela Provinces, northern Sierra Madre Mountain Range". ZooKeys 266: 1. DOI:10.3897/zookeys.266.3982.

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  • AntsCanada
    AntsCanadaVor 5 Monate

    Greetings ant lovers/AC Family/the Great AC Senate! Can you believe we were in the right place at the right time to be able to capture all this action on film? Thank you guys for watching today's episode! It means a lot to me. If you liked this episoden hope you also remember to kindly hit the LIKE button, leave me a COMMENT, SHARE the video, and SUBSCRIBE if you haven't yet (hit the BELL and select ALL for 'notifications squad'), as it would help me out tremendously! I appreciate your support, guys! Ant love forever! So question: How else can we help Team Native Ants?

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    What the wow

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    have tell

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    @Meek Mtck you think I am stupid ?

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    Meek Mtck

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    @have tell the love of general natural order

  • have tell

    have tell

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    @Meek Mtck STOP LYING ! this is pure evil to see those ants battling out , killing each other so to get that evil and greedy DElevelr to get watched ! what kind of love is this ?

  • Meek Mtck

    Meek Mtck

    Vor 7 Stunden

    Give native ants the upper hand by intentionally placing food near native ant colonies and perhaps introducing a few jumping spider tribes near fire ant colonies

  • Mike Scully
    Mike ScullyVor Stunde

    How did you know that they're on different teams

  • will playz
    will playzVor 4 Stunden

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    Call Of Duty : Ants

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    This is ww2 in ant form so aw1

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    F DVor 16 Stunden

    Oh yea blame human activity.. they can’t just want to take over their neighbors land ? Just like Germany. I’m sure there’s a hitler ant somewhere in there

  • Ordinaryavg.guy
    Ordinaryavg.guyVor 20 Stunden

    I believe you are fire-antphobic. You will have to attend A.N.T. class, Ant N-clusiveness Training.

  • BobbiePlays
    BobbiePlaysVor 23 Stunden

    kid fire ants: sir, what’s our enemy? adult fire ants: our enemy is...the world.

    CHOON YI XING MoeVor Tag

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    Call the gates foundation, they are great at sterilization of species.

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    Ants camouflage the meat with dirt & rocks to hide it from their competition WOW

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    War... War never changes.

  • Mae Auditore
    Mae AuditoreVor Tag

    Yesterday i saw a group of giant red ants crawling on a tree in Jakarta, Indonesia. They were as big as a small spider, at first i thought they were spiders! 😆 Then i remember your channel and wondered what will happen if i send u some 😂

  • Denise Doty
    Denise DotyVor Tag

    Well I like your Ant War though I hope we’ll get some ants

  • ilsmackucrazy
    ilsmackucrazyVor Tag

    Anyone know the music at 10:30?

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    Who else want to drown his yard in pesticides for a laff?

  • Zoran Novosel
    Zoran NovoselVor Tag

    I am shocked by amount of animals skinned in antopia,and that lizard was definitely not skinned by another animal. Plus,i wouldn't be surprised if that bone was planted between two fire ant colonies to start a war since they are the bad guys.

  • Owel James Cenidoza
    Owel James CenidozaVor Tag

    That chicken must food scraps of one of your worker and he decides to just toss it away unknowingly triggering a war to those two ant colonies.

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  • Olaf Severin

    Olaf Severin

    Vor Tag

    poison bait

  • Abron Enem
    Abron EnemVor 2 Tage

    Why would you side with team Native Ants, are you a racist, a hater, or prejudicial? Leave them and let them be....Mother Nature and Father Time will settle them, at least fairly.

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    Oh my! I can feel your love to ants and with it you make great videos with all this passion! Impressive indeed. Thanks for this awesome video! First time here and will come more times to apreciate your good work, for sure.

  • Romadhani Syahputra
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    Seen enough ants war... Even the fire&fire ants. I hate fire ants... They bite and eat everything included me.

  • raphael riley
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    Fire ants remind me of the race of ppl that colonized America in the 1400 from Europe

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    Imagine sticking your 4k camera down the hole one day and finding the Ants have daubed your face on the walls and worshipping it. Thinking its cute... Then the religious Ant War ensues.. 😱

  • Jerry Nuñez Bustillo
    Jerry Nuñez BustilloVor 2 Tage

    That happens a lot in my place. FireAnts won't retreat rather they preferred to die for winning.

  • Amphibious Frogman
    Amphibious FrogmanVor 2 Tage

    This reminds me about 3 fire ants that robed the mailman at gunpoint last week, and get away with a delivery truck. Police still looking for the criminal ants.

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    .. Your media coverage is biased .. I'll invent new political science; The Up Axiom: Fittest most adaptable should survive because they serve the greater good... The Down Axiom: The ones that were here first should survive because they are inherent to native ecology... You clearly work for DNN media corp (run by a shadow elite known as Antscanada) favoring the Downs , you bigot.... Now everyone FIGHT... While I sell advertisement time on my own media company favoring the Ups at UOX...

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