New Ant Discovery: The Hitchhikers Hiding in My Ant Farm

I made a very shocking discovery while moving my yellow crazy ant colony (the Golden Empire) into their new Crystal Cave Temple Terrarium. Hope you guys enjoy this week's eye-opening episode. Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution.

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Directed/Written by AntsCanada
Executive Producer RJ Garcia
DOP/Editing by Heinrich Domingo

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    Why didn't you put a flat piece on the front? Ain't could be wide as you needed and you could have it 1-2 inches wide. And painted the barrier on it. You pretty much wouldn't of seen the blue without looking down and being close to the front of the aquarium

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    Samson CooperVor Monat

    PFTE is better known by its brand name of teflon. It is the most slippery solid and is actually a powder

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    Do you guys know what species of ants are that free roaming ants cause I've been seeing Those types of ants in my house?

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    PTFE is terrible for the environment. PFOS and PFOA is used in it's manufacturing. Forever chemicals.

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    The golden empire has their own allies. Maybe they should be called the peasANTs

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    When you have to paint on that PTFE, you could get some painter's tape and some paper towels. Tape 2 inches down from the edge, attaching some paper towel to the bottom edge of the tape to catch any drips, then when you peel the tape off, you'll have a laser straight line of PTFE. If you use a foam brush, instead of a bristle brush, or a small roller, you might get a more even and attractive distribution of the chemical on the glass once its dry.

  • Kaede [Kinoko simp]
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    You should the free roamers "haridanu" (i came up with it idk if this will cause any harm bc i just thought it sound cool)

  • Awai
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    I personally like and prefer watching the ants move in themselves despite it being a long and drawn out task! Watching him dump out the dirt on the pretty cave floor with the plastic cups made me kinda cringe lmao

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  • AnneLo 123
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  • Raenir Salazar
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    I hear you can mix fluon with water and make it clearer.

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  • Yufeng yan
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