We Discovered a Rare Ant

I can't believe we made another novel discovery in our newly bought ant forest! In this episode, we fortify our new forest/ant paradise for the native ants in my area, applying permaculture principles to build a food forest. While doing so we finally hear back from my myrmecologist \u0026 ant taxonomist friend Dr. General regarding a mystery ant we collected last week. Turns out it was a new and rare find! Hope you enjoy this week's episode! Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution.

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Directed/Written by AntsCanada
Executive Producer RJ Garcia
DOP/Editing by Heinrich Domingo

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    Greetings, AC Family! Thanks so much for watching! I'm so excited to show you all that has happened, all I've discovered, and all I've done. If you enjoyed this episode, hope you could remember to LIKE, SHARE, and SUBCRIBE (hit the BELL and hit 'All' for Notifications Squad) and let me know what you think we should NAME the new ants we discovered in our new ant forest, as well as the wild population of BCAs! Ant love forever!

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    the black crazy ants should be called: dark dust

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    The black crazy ants should be named The "Black Reapers"

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    Ahhh how I've missed watching your videos ❤ they are so wholesome and amazing not to mention also educational. Everytime I watch one of your videos I learn something new.

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    I love how he says “we” instead of “me” it seems so simple but it really pulls you in and makes you want to listen and watch and makes you as hyped as him. It’s truly amazing. I feel accomplished without doing anything it’s crazy-

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    Black Crazy Ants - Black Beautys

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    I haven't been watching your channel for a while, not because of any dislike I just like to hop between some channels benchwatching them for a while and then not watching them until I feel like watching them again. And wow did I miss out. When I started watching you keeping your indoors antfarms ears ago I learned, that I'am even more interested in ants than I tought and was happy about your courious and scientific way of handeling things. But now you've grown so much with the new patches of land and really doing some scientific work! That is such a great develpment for you channel! As a scientist myself (altough from a different field) that makes me so happy. Good luck and keep up the good work man great chnallel and gread conservation work.

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